Adding Seasons to your listing on Search and Stay

Seasons are a variation on the day rate or booking conditions, like the length of stay, for specific dates during holiday periods, school holidays, long weekends and peak seasons.

When setting seasons owners will need to include the ‘Season Name’ for example July School holidays, the ‘Season Start Date’ and ‘Season End Date’, the ‘Season Minimum Stay’ or the minimum number of nights allowed to be booked, for example seven (7) nights. A ‘Weekend Rate’ can be set and the specific days of the weekend - Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and/or Sunday - that the rate applies.

‘Season Check-in Days’ for example only Saturday is available for check-in and check-out during the season dates. A ‘Season Price Adjustment’ or ‘Forced Price’, can be added which will force the price depending on the number of days booked. ‘Block Cleaning’ and ‘Extras' – Linen and Cleaning rates can be adjusted for the season dates.

The ‘Season Cancellation Policy’, can be included, it will default to the ‘Cancellation Policy’ in your Account Property Setting or you can customise it if it differs from the existing cancellation policy. It’s important that all seasons are included up to the advanced bookings period. If a guest can book up to 18 months ahead all seasons should be included that fall into the advanced booking period.

Seasons should be added from your dashboard under the Global Property Settings tab.  You can then amend at property level.  You can enter a new price for eg extra guest in the individual season on a property this will override the Global Season that was set for this property only.  

This is at property level.


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