Challenging Bond Return

If you have any concerns about returning the bond due to damage of your property, the bond is held for 10 days and you will need to raise a dispute within this time.

A good way to avoid any unwanted confrontation with your guest over damage to your property is to take 'before photos' (if possible) of your property before the guest checks in, this way if you see any damage upon check out, you can show the before and 'after photos' to your guest to easily explain the damage done.

Also, make sure you have insurance  and take into account general wear and tear on you property before holding the bond.  

If you believe that your guest is responsible for damage, missing items, or unexpected cleaning costs, you can opt to 'hold the bond' by going into your 'Bookings' then 'View' the booking . This action will prevent the automatic return of the bond and will hold the bond and you will have 14 days to raise a dispute.  You should use this time to discuss the damage with the guest and if needed to get written quotes to repair the damage etc. Once you have either negotiated with the guest or got quotes for damage you will need to contact the Search and Stay team via your Dashboard to discuss the release of the funds.

Under normal circumstances, the bond will be held for 10 days before being returned automatically to the guest.


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