How can it be free for owners to find guests on Search and Stay?

If you list your holiday home on other sites, you expect to pay either commissions or fees-per-booking when a guest chooses to stay at your property. Some sites also have a subscription option, where you pay a set amount per year or month instead of per-booking-payment. The commission and fees charged to owners on many of the holiday listing platforms and Online Travel Agencies (OTA) is generally between 3% and about 17% of the full cost of the booking. This charge generally comes straight off your bottom line and eats into your profits. There is zero cost to advertising and taking bookings for your holiday home on Search and Stay. Property holiday owners who self-manage their accommodation put an enormous amount of effort into managing their holiday house, cleaning and maintaining their holiday property, decorating their holiday house and creating a fantastic holiday guest experience around the rental of their holiday accommodation. Some holiday rental property owners may add this commission to the cost of the booking or include it in the rates of their holiday home, this is a completely acceptable way of reducing your loss however, it does inflate the cost of your property and could be off-putting to guests booking your holiday property. Essentially, the multinational holiday rental booking sites are taking significant revenue at the expense of either holiday homeowners or both holiday rental guests and owners. Search and Stay charge a very small booking fee to the guest depending on the value of the booking.


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