Insurance on bookings

At Search and Stay, we don’t offer insurance like some other platforms do. Instead, we trust that most property owners have their own Short Term Rental Insurance. This kind of insurance covers things like property damage, liability protection, and lost income from rental interruptions. It's important for property owners to have this coverage to protect themselves and give guests peace of mind.

Owner-Imposed Bonds:

Although we don’t provide insurance directly, we do allow property owners to charge a bond for each booking. This bond  acts like a security deposit against any potential damages or breaches of rental terms. Both parties can feel reassured knowing that any issues during the stay can be resolved without causing financial stress.

Guest Responsibility:

Guests also play a big role in ensuring a smooth experience. It’s important for them to understand the booking terms, including any insurance-related policies or bond requirements set by the property owner. By following these guidelines and treating the property with care, guests can help maintain a positive relationship with the host and ensure a pleasant stay for everyone.

Transparent Communication:

We believe in open communication between hosts and guests. Guests should feel free to ask questions about insurance coverage, bond requirements, or any other concerns they have before confirming a booking. Hosts should also be upfront about their policies to prevent misunderstandings.

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