Managing Extra Fees

Guest charges on listings encompass additional fees that hosts may apply to bookings beyond the base rental rate. These charges can be categorized into non-refundable and refundable fees.

Non-refundable fees include charges such as cleaning fees, linen fees, pet fees, additional guest fees, and booking fees. These fees are paid by guests upon booking your property.

Refundable fees, on the other hand, include security deposits or bonds and other custom refundable fees set by hosts. These fees are paid by guests but may be returned under specific conditions on your Terms and Conditions.

Hosts have the discretion to set the amounts for both types of fees based on various factors such as property size, level of service provided, and local market rates. While some charges may be mandatory, such as cleaning fees, others like additional guest fees or security deposits may be optional and set by the host.

You can set these fees on each property listings when you you go to the Pricing and Seasons tab

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