Adding a 'Description' to your listing on Search and Stay

This is your opportunity to really sell your holiday property and to include all the most appealing aspects of your holiday home to encourage guests to book your home over others in the area. Here are some helpful tips to follow when describing your holiday rental property on Search and Stay.

  • Be unique! Don’t copy descriptions of other similar properties or properties in the area. 
  • Use about 700 to 1000 words.
  • Include property type eg Gorgeous beachfront apartment.
  • Highlight special amenities or aspects of your property that makes it stand out eg Enjoy the ocean views and make the most of the backyard BBQ and pool area.
  • Describe suitability for certain groups of guests eg Perfect for families with a large backyard for kids to play or a Fisherman’s mecca with boat parking and across from the boat ramp.
  • Include proximity to local attractions eg Located just 500 metres to the beach and a short walk to restaurant and café strips.

There’s no need to include the address or bedroom and bathroom count, as these details are displayed clearly on the property listing. And avoid using capital letters, it feels like you’re shouting. Please note: no phone numbers, emails, weblinks or social media references can be included in the description.


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