Keeping your Guests safe at your Property

While every holiday rental has its own specific safety needs, these five important safety features are a good starting place for creating a safe space for travellers:


Carbon Monoxide and smoke detectors

You should install a carbon monoxide and smoke alarm in every hallway near sleeping areas within your holiday rental. It’s also recommended that they are not covered or blocked by furniture or curtains. Make sure that you’re up to date with your State's requirements and laws about carbon and fire safety.  A carbon monoxide leak in your home could be very dangerous for travellers as it could lead to sickness or loss of life.

Your holiday rental should have enough of these life-saving safety devices based on the size of your holiday rental. Smoke detectors with flashing lights can help for those who are hard of hearing.


Fire extinguisher

Place fire extinguishers throughout your holiday rental in places with a particular fire risk, like kitchens and near any fireplaces or BBQ areas. And don’t forget to include the operating instructions for each one.


 First aid kit

Provide at least one fully stocked first aid kit for emergencies, and make sure guests know where it is. If your holiday rental is large, place two or more kits throughout the house. Be sure to restock the kit after every booking.


Door and window locks

All exterior doors and windows should have working locks. Consider a smart lock for your main entrance: it’s convenient for occasions when you can’t welcome your travellers in person and allows you to allocate different entry codes for each guest and set exact times for when the property can be accessed. Make sure that you test your locks often, regularly replace batteries in your smart locks and repair any missing or broken hardware.


Exterior safety

Lighting.  Having a well-lit exterior helps your guests find their way in the dark. It reduces the risk of accidents, enhances security and helps with easy access at arrival. If you have outdoor lighting, check it regularly and replace as needed. Consider motion-sensor lights.

Security cameras.  Check all applicable laws, rules and regulations regarding the use of security cameras and other surveillance equipment in and around your property. Always inform your guests about any cameras and show them where they’re placed and the area they cover. Never position any camera where somebody could reasonably expect privacy.

Visibility. Make sure that an emergency vehicle can identify your house or apartment as quickly as possible. Prominently place house numbers near the entrance to your property and/or on your letterbox or the footpath where applicable.


Meet regulations 

Make sure that you’re familiar with your local requirements and that your holiday rental meets them, both indoors and outdoors.


Maintenance and hazards

Keep your equipment safe and in working order with regular maintenance. Don’t forget, some items need to be checked often during the winter in case they need to be replenished or recharged, like first aid kits and smoke detectors.

Additionally, some items should be checked before summer for the winter months.

Mark any tripping hazards and ensure that walkways are clear. Regularly mow your lawn and remove  any noxious plants. 


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