Managing Bond Payments

A bond also called a damage or security deposit is required by most homeowners to protect them from damages or loss to their holiday property.

Here you can set the amount of bond required for your holiday rental property and the funds will be held in a Trust account by Search and Stay.

The bond amount is up to the owner but it should at least cover your insurance deductible, then if you need to make an insurance claim you’re not out of pocket.

The security deposit should be higher for properties with a greater value or with more inclusions.

Owners can also select the payment schedule or how long before Check-in that the bond is required and the bond release, which is the number of days that the bond is held after Check-out, to ensure they have time to review the state of the property after the guests leave. If the owner wants to dispute the return of the bond, they can place a hold on the bond return in their owner account while suitable evidence and repair or reparation cost can de be demonstrated.


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