Winter Safety Checks

Over the colder months, different safety challenges present themselves for holiday rental owners and property managers. You can use this checklist to help ensure that winter guests enjoy a safe and memorable time at your property.

Prepare your spa

Check that pool or spa covers are in use and functioning properly. Please review your local regulations to verify requirements for pool/spa covers, fences and gates. Also check to make sure that safety information, such as emergency phone numbers, spa rules and CPR instructions, is clearly posted.

Carbon monoxide detector

Prevent carbon monoxide poisoning

Carbon monoxide detectors save lives and may be required by your local laws: double-check to ensure that yours is correctly installed and working properly. 


Practice fire safety

Retesting smoke alarms prior to a guest’s stay can be the key to fire prevention. Cooking is a leading cause of residential fires, but space heaters, fireplaces and candles may also become a risk. So it’s recommended that fire extinguishers are conveniently placed. Get more information on fire safety here.


Communicate with travellers during a storm

If a storm is forecast prior to a stay, communicate the latest information from local authorities and emergency services to your guests. If you need to change or cancel upcoming reservations, please let travellers know ASAP. Conditions may become hazardous during a storm, so ensure that you have left clear instructions for travellers about where they can find items like torches, batteries, first aid kits etc. Ensure that your listing is updated with local emergency phone numbers, and that they are clearly posted at your rental property.


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