What is the meaning of 420 friendly and how to add to my property listing?

“420 friendly” generally means that a person, hotel or other business establishment is open to letting you smoke cannabis in peace and without consequences.

A 420-friendly designation means that consuming cannabis is OK in this space, at this event, or with this group of people. However, it doesn’t mean that every consumption method is OK – or that you’ll have someone who wants to consume cannabis with you.

All 420-friendly spaces will allow you to consume cannabis products, and other “420-friendly” people in attendance can approve of your cannabis use without joining in. A 420-friendly designation means that you can enjoy your cannabis without fear of any interference or penalty. 

Additionally, “420-friendly” doesn’t necessarily mean “smoke friendly.” Some 420-friendly spaces are cool with vaping, but not combusting materials in a joint or pipe, since vapor is less pungent than smoke. Alternatively, some 420-friendly people or spaces might only permit certain types of consumption if the group is not yet accustomed to vaping. These 420-friendly spaces might also have rules on edibles, concentrates, and other types of cannabis products. If you don’t know, just ask.

If you are a 'Cannabis Friendly' property you can advise guest of your policies and equipment provided under 'Amenities' in the 'House Setup' tab for each property.