Airbnb FAQ

Why the listing's content is not up-to-date on the Airbnb website?

This may be due to the fact that listings are refreshed by Airbnb every 6 hours. If the listing is not up-to-date after this time passes, check out Connecting to Airbnb > Updating listings.

Another reason is that your property is connected to Airbnb on Limited Sync and not all data is shared with the channel. 

How to disconnect a property from Channel Manager in the Airbnb dashboard?

  1. Go to the Airbnb dashboard and click the Listings tab.

  2. Select the listings you want to disconnect.

  3. Click Edit selected.

  4. From the menu, select the Sync settings option.

  5. Click Disconnect.

  6. Save.

Now the properties you disconnected can be managed exclusively from the Airbnb dashboard.

How to delete a property from Channel Manager in the Airbnb dashboard?

In case the property you want to delete in Airbnb is currently connected to Channel Manager start with disconnecting it. 

  1. Go to the Airbnb dashboard and click the Listings tab.

  2. Click the listing you want to delete.

  3. Scroll down to the Listing status section and click Edit.

  4. Click the Change status and select the Deactivate option from the dropdown list.

  5. Provide a reason why you want to delete your listing and go through the questionnaire.

  6. Click Deactivate and confirm the operation.

Following the disconnect flow will also ensure the listing ID is not “claimed” to a specific Airbnb property which may cause connection errors in case the ID is mapped to another Airbnb property right after.

In Channel Manager, you will see that the property is no longer mapped to an Airbnb listing and you can map it to another listing. 

How to disconnect the account from Channel Manager in the Airbnb dashboard?

  1. Log in to the Airbnb dashboard and click the Listings tab.

  2. Click the profile picture and select Account.

  3. Click Privacy & Sharing.

  4. In the Connected apps section, click Remove access next to Rentals United.

Your Airbnb account is no longer managed by Channel Manager.

How to remove duplicates in Airbnb?

In case you identified some listings are duplicated in your account, you can easily remove them.

Note: If your listings are connected to Channel Manager, first you need to deactivate the connection.

In order to remove duplicates, perform the following steps: How to delete a property from Channel Manager in the Airbnb dashboard?

If these listings have been previously mapped to properties in Channel Manager, you have to recreate the connection by mapping them again. 

How do host-only and split commission work?

By default Airbnb works with a host-only commission for all countries with few exceptions (read further for details). Host-only commission indicates that you take the full commission yourself (host-only fee).

Note: Airbnb reports that host-only commission increases bookings (since guests prefer to see less fees). In order to cover for the Airbnb commission, you will be able to mark up your rates from Channel Manager. This option hides the commission fee in the reservation, but you can still cover for it by marking up your prices.

However, in some locations, Airbnb works by default on a split commission fee. On a split commission fee, Airbnb charges you 3% and then charges the guest the remaining commission. The guest will therefore see a separate line item for Airbnb service fee when they book the property.

Note: The amount to be paid by you can be increased to 5% if you choose a super strict Cancellation Policy. For more information, please see Airbnb Channel Settings > Cancellation Policy.

The locations where split commission fee is the default option include:

  • the United States,

  • Canada,

  • the Bahamas,

  • Mexico,

  • Argentina,

  • Taiwan,

  • Uruguay.

Tip: If the split commission model is the default option in your location, you can always change it to the host-only model. If you wish to opt in to the host-only commission model, go to the Airbnb dashboard and select Payments and Payouts from the Account section. Go to the Service fee tab and check Include Airbnb service fee in your price.

Can multiple users operate on the same Airbnb account?

No. One Airbnb account can be assigned to one user only. If you want to learn how to do it, check at Your Airbnb account settings.