Airbnb Integration overview

Integration overview


Airbnb is one of the world's largest marketplaces for unique, authentic places to stay and things to do, offering over 7 million listings and 50,000 handcrafted activities, all powered by local hosts. An economic empowerment engine Airbnb has helped millions of hospitality entrepreneurs monetize their spaces and their passion while keeping the financial benefits of tourism in their own communities. Airbnb has more than three-quarters of a billion guests arrival to date and is accessible in 62 languages across 220+ countries and regions.

Integration model

Airbnb is another Sales Channel (SC) that has been successfully integrated with Channel Manager. Property Managers (PMs) can connect to Airbnb and start advertising their properties through this channel. This document outlines the connection overview and synchronization scope.

  • ARI data is sent to Airbnb automatically upon change registered in the Channel Manager system

  • property descriptive content is sent to Airbnb on-demand only 

  • reservations created in Airbnb are passed to Channel Manager

  • reservations created in Channel Manager block availability in Airbnb

  • booking requests created in Airbnb are synchronized to Channel Manager

  • modifications and cancellations made in Airbnb are synchronized to Channel Manager


This channel is categorized as a Holiday Rental Website (HRW). Airbnb sells single properties mostly. In this system, guests choose the exact place they are staying at.

Multi-unit support

multi-unit refers to a set of indistinguishable properties. These properties work the same way the regular properties do; however, they represent a number of properties with the same specification at the same address. An example of a multi-unit property is a set of identical hotel rooms. For Airbnb, multi-units are synchronized.

Contract details

Onboarding time: 1 week;

Commission: The usual commission is 14-16%, but it may vary depending on the agreements with the channel and differ from the stated value. There a few commission models available: host-only or shared by host and guest. For more information, please see FAQ.

Payment process: Airbnb manages the payment process.

Length of stay: Airbnb allows for stays longer than 30 days.