Expedia Integration overview

Integration overview


Expedia is one of the world's leading full-service online travel brands helping travellers easily plan and book their whole trip with the widest selection of vacation packages, flights, hotels, vacation rentals, rental cars, cruises, activities, attractions, and services.

Integration model

Expedia is the next Sales Channel (SC) that has been successfully integrated with Channel Manager. Property Managers (PMs) can now connect to Expedia and start advertising their properties through this channel.

  • ARI data and property descriptive content for new properties are sent to Expedia upon initial connection;

  • When property descriptive content is updated in Channel Manager, the property needs to be updated in Expedia.

  • When availability and pricing data is changed in Channel Manager, Expedia is immediately updated.

  • Reservations, cancellations and modifications are retrieved from Expedia.


Expedia specializes in selling inventory en masse. In this system, guests can choose a specific room type from the available inventory , for example a double room in a hotel.

  • Channel Manager hotel or group refers to the room type, e.g. Queen Apartment or Two-Bedroom Apartment and is synchronized as multi-unit. A multi-unit refers to a set of indistinguishable properties. These properties work the same way the regular properties do; however, they represent a number of properties with the same specification at the same address. An example of a multi-unit property is a set of identical hotel rooms.

  • Channel Manager property refers to a physical room of a certain type, e.g. Property 1 and Property 3 are categorized as Two-Bedroom Apartment.

  • Channel Manager rate refers to a particular pricing plan, which is created based on particular settings in your property. You can see your rates after selecting the Property Page page of the Expedia channel.

    The rate system provides you with the flexibility on multiple levels, for example occupancy (Standard number of guests in the Daily price), Minimum stay or pricing.

    Important: Any additional rates created in Expedia must be mapped in Channel Manager. Otherwise you risk your new rates will get out-of-date and result in overbookings.

Contract details

New clients: If you are a new client, you need at least 20 properties to connect to Expedia. Start with filling the Join Expedia form. You will receive an email response from Expedia with further instructions. If your inventory is large, an Expedia Market Manager will contact you directly. You will need to supply Expedia with your company and property details and decide on the contract agreements.

If the your listings are all "key listings", which means that each listing has its own address, Expedia sets up the API PUSH connection. Once set up, you will be provided with an Expedia PM name that will be used to push the properties from Channel Manager. If the listings are multi-units, Expedia will create your inventory for you and you will only need to map the properties in Channel Manager. Expedia always assists in building your inventory.

Note: Expedia stated that due to COVID-related reasons, the onboarding of new clients may be held back until 2022. Please, be aware of that and check directly with Expedia.

Onboarding time: For a new account set up it is up to 4 weeks. If you already have your inventory in Expedia , it is up to 3 days.

Commission: 12 - 20% on booking total, depending on your agreement with Expedia.

Payment process: Expedia works with two main business models which determine the way you receive payments for the reservations: