Guidelines for creating a Property Name

Composing a catchy Property name is one of the most critical aspects when it comes to optimising your listing. It is crucial to make it memorable so that it draws attention to your vacation rental property. As you create a new listing make sure to follow these DO's and Don'ts in creating a Property Name.

Keep the length to around 70 characters long (minimum 20).
Include the property type (for example apartment, house).
Highlight special amenities or anything that makes your property stand out (for example hot tub, deck, WiFi, pool, views).
Describe suitability for certain groups of travellers (for example couples, families, pet friendly).
Include proximity to local attractions (for example beaches, theme parks, etc).

Include address - this information can be found elsewhere.
Use all capital letters - the guest might feel like you're shouting at them.
Include the bedroom and bathroom count - this information can be found elsewhere.
Repeat other headlines - compare yours to others in your area to be unique.

Now that you have a better understanding of how to write an attention-grabbing Property Name, here are some examples of catchy words you can include in your title:

○ Luxury
○ Insta-worthy
○ Eclectic
○ Rare
○ Green
○ Glamorous
○ Renovated
○ Secluded
○ Peaceful
○ Contemporary
○ Hidden Gem
○ Oasis
○ Resort
○ Couple’s Getaway

Here are three good examples of Property Names:
Seaside apartment at Bondi Beach
Romantic Victorian Home
Eco-friendly studio near SYD

These tips will help you compose a memorable Property Name that can help land more bookings. A catchy title will inspire more people to click on your listing to check your property. This way you’ll get a higher click-through rate. And, the more people look at your listing, the higher the conversion rate!


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