Guidelines for Good Content Quality

The majority of channels have high quality requirements in order to be published. The Channel Manager Rentals United will analyse the content prior to pushing properties to channels to ensure the minimum content of the channel is met, if not, the client will be asked to improve the content. The better the content, the better chance at getting more bookings.

Here are 15 Best Practices For Producing Quality, Engaging Content:

1. Don't Try To Craft Content For All Audiences
Understanding what content resonates with your specific audience is critical to success. You don't need everyone to read your content, just the audiences that matter to you. By precisely crafting content that speaks to these audiences, you better break through the noise and avoid costly promotion efforts that falsely inflate impressions and click-throughs. - Megan Humphreys, Convé Communications

2. Make It Memorable
Create content that has your stamp on it -- your specific tone, style, etc. Give the reader something memorable and, more importantly, something valuable. Some brands are even using “taboo language” or humorous interludes (or both), often to great effect. "Dictionary answer" content is informative but boring. Show your brand's personality, be bold and take calculated risks with your content. - Bernard May, National Positions

3. Be Helpful
Produce content that helps clients and prospects solve a problem, save time and be more efficient. Helpful content resonates with readers, builds good will and provides an opportunity to show how your particular product or service can be part of the solution you propose. - Donna Robinson, Nina Hale - Digital Marketing Agency

4. Provide Value
Users are bombarded with content at every moment. For yours to make a memorable impression, it has to provide value. Become an expert not only in your product or service, but in your industry, your niche in the industry, and what problems your target consumers are looking to solve. Aim to build a relationship with your target consumer and to be their source for expert advice. - Lon Otremba, Bidtellect

5. Stop Selling
Stop selling. No, not literally. However, sales are a natural byproduct when consumers trust your brand. Consumers continue to gravitate toward brands that put their needs before sales. Create content that is purposeful and useful by educating and addressing customer pain points. - Laura Cole, Vivial

6. Make Your Content Current
Try to make your content as timely and relevant as possible. Whether it ties into a trend that’s the focus of the current cultural zeitgeist, a story that’s dominating the news cycle or a hot business topic that’s on the minds of your customers, try to connect your content to something that is top of mind right now. It’s a surefire way to drive traffic and leads. - Tripp Donnelly, REQ

7. Offer Unique Insight, Data Or Research
There is so much "expert" content available today that it's not enough anymore to simply "frankenstein" together existing content from online into a new format with different verbiage and pretend that's useful to anyone. To create content of value, you must have something truly helpful to communicate that's unique or fresh -- a new idea, a fresh insight or proprietary research, etc. - April White, Trust Relations

8. Take Advantage Of Trends
Pay attention to what people are searching for. Stay atop of the latest trends and create content about those topics when possible. Try to offer a new perspective on the topic, and don’t forget to demonstrate how it connects to your business so customers can see why your services are relevant. - Hannah Trivette, NUVEW Web Solutions

9. Use High-Quality Visuals
The internet is completely saturated with information and advertising and we are programmed to skim content quickly. Using eye-catching, high resolution imagery is one way to get people to slow down and notice your content. People like pictures. - T. Maxwell, eMaximize

10. Write Catchy Titles
I think everyone agrees that producing valuable, interesting content is key to attracting traffic and leads. However, you can produce incredibly valuable content but still lack in readers. The key to really bringing in views is producing a one-of-a-kind title or H1. Spark the interest of readers with an eye-catching title, and they're more likely to read your content. - Charles Mazzini, Hyperlinks Media, LLC

11. Leverage Influencers
With 92% of consumers trusting influencer content over what they see in paid ads, tapping an influencer to produce content is the most effective way to drive real results. Influencers, by nature, create content for audiences with shared interests. So, the meal planner who produces content that offers advice on meal prepping using a certain product will resonate more than a bland ad of the product. - Maria Sipka, Linqia

12. Split-Test Your Way To Better Content
A/B testing works because it eliminates the guesswork and leaves you with hard facts regarding what works, what doesn’t and what yields higher conversion rates. Use split testing to improve your funnel, better your content and find out what maximizes your traffic conversion. - Ashar Jamil, Digitally Up

13. Adapt To Each Format And Channel
Most brands don't see the value of creating ephemeral content or underestimate the power of Instagram stories either because they are not users themselves or don't get the chance to view it. We've seen a phenomenal force of stories to drive traffic and sales when explicitly adapted for the format. Use multiple screens and the tap-forward way of consuming stories to tease, capture and convert. - Aurelie Sauthier, Made in

14. Perform A Content Gap Analysis
When producing content, most websites focus on bottom-of-the-funnel keywords, meaning keywords that customers search for right before they make a purchase. Performing a content gap analysis will help you find keywords and topics that your customers are searching for prior to their desire to purchase. A content gap tool will let you research competitors to find high-ranking content you are missing. - Michael Fox, Corberry Digital

15. Check Out The Competition
As much as you are watching your own schedule, it is important to watch the schedules of your competition. You want to see what is out there that is converting to sales. That means that you are going to know what to plan as well. There are many ways that you can share what has worked for your competition and bring in those strategies. - Jon James, Ignited Results


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