Adding a Last Minute Discount to your listing

Last-minute discounts are a great way to increase the likelihood that you receive a booking in the immediate short term.

While trying to decide if you should apply a last-minute discount or not, you should consider three critical factors:

  1. Demand in the market
  2. Properties left in the market
  3. Your guests’ booking patterns

Say you are looking at your calendar on Jan 25, 2023 to see if you have any bookings on Feb 8, 2023. First, you’ll need to check if there is demand in your locality. If you own a beach property, there might be low demand. But if you own a property in a central business district of a large city, the demand might increase. 

Now that you’ve analysed demand in the market, you need to check if there are still properties left in the market for people to book. If there are a number of properties for people to choose from, a discount might sound good to increase the chances of getting booked.