Opening Your Owner Account with Search and Stay

When opening your owner account with Search and Stay, you will need to provide the following information:

  • Your first and last name, email and address details please note you will not be able to publish your property until an account address has been added.
  • Your bank account details - which account you would like your bookings to be paid into.
  • Global Property Settings – These property settings are the general or over-arching setting that apply to ALL your holiday properties. This saves you time adding the same information to a few properties, even if you only have two holiday homes, it’s the ideal way to update information across your holiday property listings.  The information will be populated in all the holiday accommodation listings that you have connected to your account.  This is particularly helpful when you are setting your seasons for holiday period, school holidays, long weekends and peak seasons – as these are often the same or similar for all your holiday rentals. If you input information into the individual properties that is different from your Property Settings, it will overwrite your Property Settings.



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