Adding your Booking Details

Setting up your Booking Details is  simple and straightforward. Here you can set up preferences for the following:

Advanced Bookings
How far in advance do you accept bookings? Most property owners like to set it at either 6 months or 12 months

Limited Rental Days
Maximum rental days allowed? Are you available 365 days a year? You can also leave this and just block certain days, weeks, or months under the Date Block section. You can find that process here:

Guests and Booking
Number of Guests Allowed? How many guests can your property accommodate?

Instant Booking or Available on request Your choice, if you want to receive a booking instantly or have guests send through a request before booking.

Check-in / Check-out times. Simply set check-in and check-out times.

Preparation Time Before Arrival
Bookings are accepted up to how many hours before arrival? Last-minute bookings can go through up to the indicated hour he.

Guest Check-in Email and Guest Check-out Email. Automate sending information about your rental and some useful information about check-in and check-out rules. And indicate how many days before check-in and days before check-out you want it to send.



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