Introduction to Stripe Connection

The integration between Search and Stay Channel Manager and one of the leading payment processors - Stripe, allows you to seamlessly process online payments from Search and Stay Reservation system and other platforms.

Required Information before connecting to Stripe:

Account Details

Your Account

  • Must have a company name (if you run this business as a sole trader or on a personal basis use your name in this field.)
  • Date of Birth is required
  • Website is required

Banking Details

  • Deposit Account required for payouts
  • Credit Card details for channel manager subscription payments
  • Create a channel manager account
  • Create a stripe account under Search and Stay for Merchant of Record (MOR) channels where the channel does not collect payment from the guest.

To configure the connection between Search and Stay Channel Manager and Stripe go to Account Details > Banking Details > Stripe Express

Note: Our Property Onboarding Team will assist in setting up your Channel Manager Connection.

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