Set up your Stripe to receive payouts

Receiving payouts


It only takes a minute to connect to Stripe. Owners located outside Australia, or who use a non-Austalian bank account or charge in currencies aside from AUD, must set up a Stripe account and enter their bank details for us to deposit funds.

Once you log in to your Search and Stay account and have selected your default currency.

Under Account Details go to Banking Details, select the country where the account is registered and click on Stripe Connect.

The new window will pop up, enter you email address (auto prefilled with the email address we have on file) and click continue.

Follow the next steps until a confirmation is given that the Set up is completed.

All payments will be automatically credited to the bank account that you connect to this account.

Please note that the Stripe charge will be passed on to the guest.  The vendor will be paid out the exact amount they have uploaded to their Search and Stay rates panel.


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