Syncing your VRBO (iCal) calendar with Search and Stay

How to get VRBO Ical

  1. Log in to your VRBO partner account.
  2. Select the listing if you have more than one rental property.  
  3. Select Calendar.
  4. Select Import & export.
  5. Select Export calendar.
  6. Select Copy URL and follow the instructions on your external calendar to import.

Sync HomeAway Calendar with New York Rental By Owner

How to sync your VRBO calendar with Search and Stay

  1. Go to Property Listings dashboard.
  2. Click on the property reference #
  3. This will bring you to the Properties - Edit General Information.
  4. Select the iCal and Date Block tab.
  5. Under Calendar (Ical) Link, insert the link of the calendar you want to add (Airbnb, VRBO, etc.)
  6. Name the calendar you’re about to import.
  7. Click Save and Next.

Screen Shot 2022-10-27 at 9.44.56 am


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