How can I set VRBO Cancellation Policy?

You can set your Cancellation Policy in VRBO according to the needs of your business. We offer a few options and all of them are described here: Cancellation Policy.

Why the booking price is not consistent throughout the booking process?

Price consistency means that the price a guest sees for a property in the VRBO search page will remain the same from the search to the checkout. This is to ensure a good traveler experience and show an accurate price to the traveler without any surprises added in the end of the booking process, for example extra fees.

If the price for your property increases too much from the search page to the checkout page, many guests will not book. That is why being price consistent will increase your bookings.

OpenHow it works?

The VRBO implementation team will check the rate accuracy between the search and the checkout page before enabling you on price consistency.

If the rates are not consistent between the search and checkout page, it will be your responsibility to ensure that data in the PMS are consistent. Once the rates are consistent , VRBO will enable the listings on price consistency.

OpenHow to fix it?

There are a few reasons as to why a different price can be returned from the PMS:

  • Dynamic pricing tool in the PMS. Please, inform VRBO if you are using a price tool, as your prices will probably never be consistent. VRBO will still put your listings live, but will not enable you on price consistency.

  • Extra fees or taxes enabled in the PMS cannot be synchronized to Channel Manager. Sometimes, due to limitations in your PMS’s API, not all the fees may be sent to Channel Manager. Check the data in PMS and the data in Channel Manager. If you see fees missing, contact your PMS Support, so that you are guided through the process of synchronizing the data.

  • Prices are not coming through correctly to Channel Manager from the PMS. It has to be verified if the prices are coming through correctly to Channel Manager.

  • The PMS adds some mark-up that is not synchronized to Channel Manager. If you have mark-up in your PMS, then you should remove it and keep the one you have in Channel Manager.

  • Currency exchange issue. Different currencies may be used in your PMS and VRBO. Unify them.

If you have checked all of the steps and you still cannot find the reason why your prices are not consistent, contact Channel Manager. We will check then if there are any technical problems causing your prices to be inconsistent.

Why are my properties not in VRBO?

If the properties are not visible on the VRBO website, make sure that they are connected. After the Connection Wizard has been completed, you are prompted to visit the VRBO website. Ensure that you come back to the Connection Wizard and activate the connection. For more information, please see Connecting to VRBO > Connecting properties.

Can I choose which property I want to connect to VRBO?

Yes, you can. For more information, please see Connecting to VRBO > Connecting properties.

Can I restore a cancelled reservation?

No, VRBO does not allow to bring a reservation in the "cancelled" status back to "confirmed". In case you need to do that, create a new reservation on the basis of the cancelled one.

Can I switch from full synchronization to partial?

The synchronization with VRBO is by default full. This means that upon connection through Channel Manager, the content you may have had in VRBO will be replaced. If you want to manage the content in VRBO directly instead then, you need to mention this to their account manager in VRBO, so that they can stop syncing certain data points.