What are the available Custom Fee or Additional Fee options?

Search and Stay Custom Fees

The custom fees currently available for your property are:

  • Non-refundable Booking Fee
  • Cancellation Fees
  • Linen Fee
  • Cleaning Fee
  • Additional Fees - here you can add any other fees you may want to attach to your individual property and will be charged with EACH BOOKING i.e. firewood supply or tourist tax as a % of the total.
  • Other fees which are by request eg. late checkout, transport, catering etc. can be added after the booking

The fees can be added under each individual property.   Go to your dashboard, click on  'Property Listings' on the left hand tool bar.  Select the property you would like to edit by clicking 'Edit' from the drop down menu in the 'Action' column on the right hand side of your chosen property.  You have now accessed this property where you can amend the fees  by clicking on the required tab.


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